From the Workshop

October 4, 2009

Window to my Workshop 27

Spiers Style Shoulder plane - 3


I seem to have misplaced a few pictures along the way here but the blog is only intended as a glimpse of what goes on.


28 Spiers style shoulder plane

At this stage with the plane temporarily assembled I drill through the horn and the bridge with a pilot drill.

October 3, 2009

Window to my Workshop 26

Spiers Style Shoulder plane – 2


18 Spiers Style Shoulder plane

Difficult to define a name for this component; It certainly is a bush and it is threaded into the plane’s bridge which will also hold down one end of the front infill through the horn.  This component also has an internal thread for the thumb screw that clamps the wedge.  The picture shows a temporary screw driver slot being cut which will be removed after assembly.


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