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No.983 Block Planes available.

The last A31 planes.
It seems years ago that I announced my retirement. It is difficult to say no to enquiries when I still have some stock parts, so if you want something particular it is worth asking. I also have a few finished planes in stock.

If you have seen my blog you will remember that I sold the No.983 plane which was to be mine and as I have some component parts for this plane I am going to make a small batch. Especially as I have taken some orders for it :-)

If you are interested I can add one or two more to the batch, but you need to let me know by the end of June. The price is £5460 (+ vat if applicable) + delivery.

These No.983 planes will be available as illustrated in Boxwood, Buffalo Horn or Acrylic. I also have some Snakewood (not illustrated).

My Blog pages contain a lot of information and photographs of the design and manufacture of the last batch of No.983 planes. Also see my No.983 page on this website.

My design of the No.983 and No.984 Block and Panel planes are the culmination of my career as a toolmaker, and represent my final statement on British handplane design - this is your last chance to own one.

The last few planes now available.

The last A31 planes.

As I have mentioned before I am trying to use up stock parts. I have some A31 in parts and also A31 miniature parts. The full size one is £3850, the miniatures are also £3850 (the only none scaleable part).

If you would like to buy them as a pair I would offer them at £7,000 (+ vat if applicable). The miniatures are only available in ebony, the full size planes in ebony or rosewood.

The last A31 minatures.

Last A31 Minatures Last A31 Minatures